Caught in the Act(ion)

A few months back I worked with awesome fellow Seneca grads Aaron LecoursChris RousakosDan Vaquero, and Yochie Bee (with special help from Meg Simmons and Blair Kitchen) on a short film for TAAFI. It was really cool to go watch some of my work in a theater, on the big screen, and, better yet, now I can share it with you! Below are the parts I had a hand in (design work done with Yochie). I'll update this post with the final cut once it become available!

 photo sc_03_03_DC_zps7f4271b2.gif
 photo sc_02_04_DC_zpsff3f4232.gif
 photo sc_04_02_DC_zps6063b99d.gif
 photo sc_05_03_DC_zps4ce6bcd1.gif
 photo sc_06_CLEANUP_11_DC_zpsede8f23b.gif
 photo sc_07_05_DC_zps95ab7e6a.gif

Life Drawing

My last life drawing portfolio at Seneca College. A lot more sketchbook stuff than in semesters past.


Here's a dragon I worked on over the weekend. The idea was to emulate  the style of  How to Train Your Dragon.

Drawing is for Chumps

Rendering is for champs!

A model of Carol from Where the Wild Things Are that I've been working on.