More from Wonderland

Here are some of my better drawings from the last few days of work. Taking pictures of the ones you like is much easier when you remember the SD card, though.

Not a real person.

The first in a string of good drawings

I don't like how I did the girl, but I think the guy turned out pretty funny.

My favourite drawing of the season thus far. Everything came together for this one. I wish they could all be like this.

Closeup of the drawing. They bought a frame.

I'm really starting to like the chisel tip chartpak even better than the markette.


  1. Hey Devin,

    I wonder if... you drew the caricature my older brother brought home last week !

    I believe he went to Wonderland with his girlfriend.

    Long time no see / chat,
    Wishing you along with all your post secondary endeavours well

    Sincerely, fellow " Barton Art Department alumni" - Amanda J

  2. I dunno, does it have the DC signature seen in the above pictures? If not, it probably wasn't me.