Concept BGs

This background is simple and more stylized, as my layout work has been of late. I really focused on creating a clear story, focal point, and atmosphere, while using very simple shapes.

This one is clearly a more complicated layout than the last, though not necessarily more effective. While the detail may impress the eye, the story and focal point are not as clear, at least without lighting. Ultimately, though, I really wanted to use a period city street as an opportunity to exercise my draftsmanship, and I think it payed off well. I included the same character as in the background above, just to establish some continuity between the two, however slight. 

Here's a quick bonus background, coloured in typical flash style, done for an animation project. It's about and hour and a half to two hours, start to finish.

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  1. Cool stuff Devin. In the castle layout your current composition you lead the eye to the castle nicely but nothing stops you there. Your eye just shoots off and out of the piece.

    see here:

    In the other layout you've got the same kind of problem. You lead the eye to the end of the street and then the clock tower kinda sends you of the piece. But you've also given no reason to actually be looking at the end of the street.

    Also the buildings are all pretty much the same size it makes it repetitive.

    See here: