A Pretty Good Day

The second or third drawing of the day. Not a bad start.

The guy was really funny looking. I could have chosen to emphasis any of his features, really. He just had a face that can be caraicatured a million ways. His girlfriend, however, had one of those faces that feels like I draw it every day.

This and the next one were sisters (I think). Definitely cutsey drawings (all the little girl ones are), but there was a quality to them that I reall ended up liking.

Possibly my favourite of the day. She didn't seem too thrilled, though. Sadly, another woman who can't laugh at herself. I get far too many of those.

Today I tried to use the new-new marker as much as possible. While I appreciate the nice thin lines I can get with it (escpecially around the eyes), the tip is way too hard, and I miss the bold line the chisel chip has. I'll have to work on finding the right combination of the two in the future. Also, I finally figured out how to draw friggin' eyes today (well, sorta, still lots of practicing to do).

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